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Nigerian Field Society


Welcome to the Website of the Nigerian Field Society.

The Nigerian Field Society (NFS) is a national organization founded in 1930 with branches in several cities across the country which depend entirely on local interest and volunteer commitment. The first edition of NFS’s publication, "The Nigerian Field", was published in 1931. This journal still continues and is one Nigeria’s oldest continuous publications. Thanks to members of the UK branch the past journals since 1931 are now available online for the general public here.

Under the branch pages you will find information about the branches, individual activities are shown under events and reports about past trips and talks can be found under the trip reports. 

Information about how to join the individual branch can be found under the individual branch page.

Under the Council page you will be informed about the history of the Nigerian Field Society, its structure and information about the Journal "The Nigerian Field" which the NFS members receive twice a year.



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